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Technical resources

The Datasets Catalogue section uses CKAN software, which has been produced by the Open Knowledge Foundation.

The following CKAN extensions have been installed:

  • dcat (open licence): This extension provides plugins that allow CKAN to expose and consume metadata from other catalogues using RDF documents serialized using DCAT (Data Catalog Vocabulary).
  • fluent (open licence): This extension provides a way to store and return multilingual fields in CKAN datasets, resources, organizations and groups.
  • scheming (open licence): This extension provides a way to configure and share CKAN schemas using a JSON schema description.
  • hierarchy (open licence): Plugin for creating a new hierarchical arrangement of organizations.
  • basiccharts (open licence): Plugin for rendering previews (tables and charts).
  • switzerland (open licence): Based on this extenstion for developing multilingual DCAT-AP schemas for datasets, groups and organizations.
  • ldap (open licence): Functionality to connect with the corporate LDAP of the entity.
  • spatial (open licence): Extension that allows you to store and manage geolocation data.
  • geoview (open licence): Functionality that allows you to display georeferenced information of dataset.

Furthermore, the Portal developers have created four CKAN extensions to add the necessary functionalities: a general one, ckanext-bizkaiaOpenData, and one for each supported language: Spanish, ckanext-bizkaiaOpenDataES, Basque, ckanext-bizkaiaOpenDataEUS, and English, ckanext-bizkaiaOpenDataEN.


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