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Best practices

Best practices in the use and re-use of open data

The re-use of public data encourages the creation of new services and applications which are beneficial to society and gives rise to greater transparency and control of public sector activities.

In this re-use, the way in which the various actors involved use the information is key in attaining the goals set. We therefore advise anyone interested in re-use to follow a number of guidelines:

  • Use data directly from their source. Your applications will update directly if they are linked directly to the address of the dataset available on the platform, because that dataset is updated regularly. You do not therefore need to take any action to keep the information on your applications up to date.
  • Indicate the source and authorship of datasets used for your displays or applications, and whenever possible state explicitly whether they come from official sources, other sources or calculations made within or outside your application.
  • It is most important for there to be access for everyone, with fair, equal opportunities, taking into account the specific needs of certain groups such as persons with disabilities and the elderly.

You must not:

  • Present data in an incorrect or misleading way and or use them to support unlawful or criminal activities.
  • Use the open data portal to disseminate political ideas or ideas that incite discrimination or violence.

Do not hesitate:

  • To contact us if you detect any errors or incorrect information in the data consulted, or to suggest improvements in the service.
  • To sign up for our newsletters to keep up with updates and new content.
  • Suggest datasets that you would like to be available on Open Data Bizkaia and rate those already available.


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